8-Zone DSP Mixer, BGM/PA, High-Performance Sound
The next generation of background music and public address systems is here. Faster to install and setup, easy to use and control, PLENA matrix will deliver outstanding audio performance in any small to medium sized installation requiring up to 8 zones of sound distribution. Add to that lower running costs, extended product lifetime and amazing zone control options, and you have a top performer in its class.
Multiple Levels of User Control
Whether you require ethernet control with access to the full set of electro-acoustic configuration tools, or would prefer to adjust zones on the fly using the PLENA matrix iOS app on the iPad or iPhone, the system provides controls for all levels of users. From the audio professional to the venue manager and service staff, we have all the requirements covered. 
Application Flexibility
With components that can be tailored for a wide range of applications including live music, live speech, and background music from multiple sources, the PLENA matrix system is ideal for almost any small to medium installation. Venues such as pubs, gyms, hotels, restaurants, bars, houses of worship and education facilities, to name a few, can now experience professional audio with a cost effective and easy to install platform.
Superb Performance
The PLENA matrix comes with a full-featured 8x8 DSP Mixer/Loudspeaker Processor and a choice of two high-performance 4-channel, bridgeable class-D, DSP Power Amplifiers (125 W and 220 W per channel). Low distortion (DSP Mixer 0.004%, 220 W Amplifier 0.03%) and wide, flat frequency response (DSP Mixer 20 Hz to 20 kHz, DSP Amplifiers 65 Hz to 20 kHz), guarantee high-performance sound when used with quality loudspeakers, including EV, Dynacord and Bosch.