EV and Eclipse at one of the world’s coolest festivals

Cool does not spring to mind in late January deep in NSW country, but the Tamworth Country Music Festival is both Australia’s, and one of the world’s premier festivals. In 2007, Forbes rated the festival as number 8 in the Coolest Festivals in the World, and it is no wonder then that the population of this sizable country town doubles overnight.

Held over two weeks every January, it provides a stage for the Australia’s premier country music stars as well as hundreds of buskers plying their trade on Tamworth’s streets and stages. National radio coverage as well as video and TV broadcasts are part of the annual picture. The weight of getting the sound, lighting and vision right, for all of the major concerts, falls on the shoulders of Chris Neal and his crew from Eclipse Lighting and Sound.

Chris and his team handle some of the bigger events around the country. From New Year’s Eve celebrations in the nation’s capital to the Enlighten festival, and of course the Tamworth Country Music Festival.

Two semi-trailers full of gear were required to make the Country Music Festival a sound and vision success. The list below just takes care of the sound. We’ll skip the screens and lighting list to reduce the length of this page!

Main stage:
18 x Electro-Voice XLC DVX                  
16 x Electro-Voice X-Sub                            
16 x Dynacord H5000 Amplifiers   
Electro-Voice DX46 FOH System Processors
4 x Electro-Voice DMS1122 Infill Speakers
3 x Electro-Voice CP3000s Amplifiers
Midas Heritage 2k
Insert Rack 10 x Drawmer DL241 Comps
8 x Drawmer DS201 Comps
2 x DBX160A Comps
1 x TC Electronic M3k
1 x TC Electronic MoneXL
1 x TC Electronic Dtwo
1 x Yamaha SPX990
Control Rack 1 x Klark Teknik DN9858
1 x Midas XL88 Matrix Mixer
1 x Denon CD Player
Digidesign Profile
Digidesign Profile
12 x Electro-Voice XW12 Active Monitors   
Electro-Voice DX38 Speaker Controllers   
2 x Electro-Voice XI1152                                      
1 x Electro-Voice Phoenix 218
2 x Electro-Voice X-Array XN
2 x Electro-Voice X-Sub
8 x Electro-Voice P1200 Amplifiers
12 x Electro-Voice P3000 Amplifiers
Fanzone stage:
Soundcraft Performer
4 x Electro-Voice X-Array XN
4 x Electro-Voice X-Array XDS
8 x Electro-Voice P3000 Amplifiers
Klark DN9848 System Processor
8 x Electro-Voice ZX5 Monitor Wedges

Check out all the action from the main stage at YouTube:

Congratulations to the team at Eclipse for another big-gig success!

Eclipse Lighting and Sound 
Chris Neal – Director
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Phone: 02 6299 6811
Email: info@eclipselx.com.au
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