Electro-Voice & Dynacord Deliver the Gospel Loud & Clear


The Christian Reformed Church in the suburb of Barden Ridge and serves an average service attendance of 250-300 parishioners. The church committee took the decision to upgrade the Audio Visual system - the coverage from the existing SX-100 loudspeakers were in the way of two new projectors and projector screens, and were no longer ideal for the size of the church space.

With the main floor of the church being 18 m long x 14 m wide, and ceiling height of 7 m or more, it made sense to use EVC Vari-Intense loudspeakers. As they are hung at just over 6 m, the unique driver, horn and waveguide combinations allows the EVC-1122-VI loudspeaker to throw and cover evenly across an area of 3 times their height position to the front, and 2 times their height to each side. This meant that just two of these would suffice to deliver quality sound across the entire floor. The advantage of the VI approach is that there is reduced variation in sound level from the front to the back of the audience, compared to typical point source solutions.

Dynacord’s L2800 amplifier was chosen to power the Vari-Intense loudspeakers. With 1400 W per channel at 4 ohms, the amplifier is more than capable of driving the 300 W continuous (1200 W peak) Vari-Intense loudspeakers. Engineered for demanding live music applications, the L Series power amplifiers comprise a best-in-class, tour-grade feature set that brings real professional performance to a new price point. The amplifier is also equipped with advanced FIR-Drive, a premium feature normally reserved for the highest quality tour-grade DSPs.

An Electro-Voice PolarChoice lectern microphone was chosen for the spoken audio. PolarChoice is a premium lectern microphone designed to provide a smooth and uniform frequency response, no matter what pick-up pattern is selected.

The band, featuring 3 vocalists, keyboard/organ/piano player, drummer, bass and guitar players, use three EV ZLX-12P powered loudspeakers as monitors. An EKX-15SP powered subwoofer for supplements the monitors and FOH speakers.

According to Matthew James, the sound specialist at the church, “The sound quality is great. Dispersion is very even throughout the church and the band are raving about how good they sound.”

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