CX ENTECH Roadshow Wrap Up

Bosch Communications @ ENTECH Roadshow 2016
Bosch stand @ ENTECH Roadshow 2016
X2 @ ENTECH Roadshow 2016
Demonstrations at ENTECH

Bosch Communications Systems once again showcased EV, Dynacord and Bosch products around the country on the CX ENTECH roadshow.

Our stand this year included the Number 1 Powered Portable Family, including multi-award winning ZLX, ELX, EKX and ETX loudspeakers. The new and just-rushed from North Amercia Electro-Voice ND vocal and instrument mics were also present and they received a lot of attention.


The AMX 12A seemed to be the most popular item from the Dynacord stable/ The "Swiss Army Knife" of loudspeakers appealed to punters who could use the product's versatility, whether used as a monitor, an in-fill speaker, single or dual and mono or stereo loudspeaker systems, a guitar cab, a speech PA and more.

As for the big toys, the Electro-Voice X-Two X-Line Advance System was going up against 2 point source and 2 line source systems in th ENTECH shootout. While all systems did well and all sounded different, it was great to hear the X-Two really come into its own when the dB levels started getting semi-serious.


This year we also provided a demonstration room for commerical install products. The new PAVIRO PA/EVAC system and PLENA matrix system were set up live with a range of speakers including the new EVID compression driver ceiling speakers and EVID cube system. The latest in conference systems was also on display.


We would like to thank everyone who visited us at the stand and in the demo room. Also thanks to the CX ENTECH crew who do a great job every year.

Lastly we would like to announce the winners of our Bar Fridge and EV Compact Sound Systems Competitions. Congratulations!

Bar Fridge Winners

Melbourne: Ken Pell from Sound Serious

Sydney: Marck Pavlovich from Mr Sound Audio Visual

Brisbane: Tom Dodds from Show Hire

Adelaide: Jacob Heinze from Check12

Perth: Martin Davey from PAV Install

EV Compact Sound System Winner:

Brad Galgon from ASV audiovisual