EVID Compact Sound

X2 awards
X2 @ ENTECH Roadshow 2016

Compact Full-Range Loudspeaker System

The EVID Compact Sound speaker series continues the EVID family’s focus on form and function, with stylish, architecture-friendly design, a best-in-class performance-to-size ratio, and user-friendly installation and operation. The system is designed to provide exceptional background/foreground audio performance in retail spaces, restaurants, and similar environments – all while being heard but hardly seen. In addition to EV-engineered components for superior quality and reliability, the system features quick-access connections, simple wiring, and flexible mounting options (hardware provided), and is compatible with a variety of existing EV amplifier products, making it a great choice for contractors and end-users alike. Available in black or white finish.



• High-performance EV-engineered 8” transducer with high-efficiency multi-mode audio crossover network.

• Compact, high-density wood enclosure with port for extended bass response, secure snap-on speaker grille, and quick-mount slide-on bracket system.

• Easy-access signal connections with Phoenix-style connectors for quick wiring, user-friendly mode selector for stereo or mono operation, and easy-tap selector dial (supports 4/8 ohm inputs or up to 100 W / 70/100 V audio connections).

Satellite Speakers:

• 2” wide-range mid/high-frequency driver designed for broad, even coverage.

• Multi-angle compact mounting bracket system allows for a variety of speaker angles.

• Rigid high-impact ABS enclosure for durability.