Flying high - Bosch PA changing the Changi T4 Experience

X2 @ ENTECH Roadshow 2016

The new Terminal 4 at Singapore’s Changi Airport opened in October 2017 with a Bosch PA system adding to the passenger experience.

Singapore is a nation that prides itself on cutting edge developments, and the new Terminal 4 at Changi is no exception. Currently rated the World’s Best Airport by consultancy Skytrax for the fifth consecutive year, Changi’s bar was already set high. So to demonstrate that passengers travelling to and from the terminal would have an even better experience, a new concept was rolled out. Fast and Seamless Travel (FAST) at Changi hints at what to expect, from start-to-end automated check in, automated bag drop and immigration clearing to actually boarding the aircraft. One of the backbones of the concept’s efficient functioning is the PA system installed throughout the terminal by Robert Bosch Security Solutions (RBSS).

Bosch systems are already installed in two of the other three terminals, so the client was already familiar with the company’s products. RBSS was awarded a contract to install a solution based around its Praesideo digital public address and emergency sound system and incorporating more than 3,500 loudspeakers throughout the terminal.

‘The public address system here serves three main purposes,’ explains Jitendra Kumar, project manager at RBSS. ‘The first one is emergency evacuation messages. The second is to make announcements or calls from a central announcement room, including any flight or gate changes and occasional messages. The third use is for background music.’

Unsurprisingly, the scale of the project was unprecedented for the company. ‘We have provided security systems for airports, but this is the first airport PA we have done, and our biggest-ever PA project,’ says Jerome Lim, sales manager at RBSS. ‘The number of zones is easily about 20 times bigger than an average project.’ The PA zone tally exceeds 150, including 21 departure and seven bus gates, departure and arrivals halls, duty-free shops and all public areas inside and outside the terminal. Building work started in 2014, with RBSS attending project meetings from the middle of the year and starting cabling works and small speaker installations in 2015. By 2016, the company was moving its equipment racks in, working closely with systems integrator Commercial Industrial Supplies and Services (CISS), which handled the whole installation. ‘We needed to cover the entire area, which consisted of lots of different surfaces, with uniform sound,’ explains Mr Kumar.

The full story and images are supplied from ProAVL Asia.