FREE COVERS with the #1 Powered Family in APRIL - JUNE


Purchase any number of the award winning Electro-Voice powered loudspeakers listed below from a participating dealer and receive a free cover for each loudspeaker. That’s a saving of up to $189 RRP per loudspeaker.

See below for loudspeaker families and list of participating dealers.

ZLX Powered Loudspeakers: ZLX 12P, ZLX 15P
ZLX online catalogue

ELX200 Powered Loudspeakers: ELX200 10P, ELX200 12P, ELX200 15P, ELX200 12SP, ELX200 18SP
ELX200 online catalogue

EKX Powered Loudspeakers: EKX 12P, EKX 15P, EKX 15SP Sub, EKX 18SP Sub
EKX online catalogue

ETX Powered Loudspeakers: ETX 10P, ETX 12P, ETX 15P, ETX 35P, ETX 15SP Sub, ETX 18SP Sub
ETX online catalogue

EVOLVE 50 Portable Column Speaker
EVOLVE 50 online catalogue

ZXA1 Powered Loudspeakers: ZXA1, ZXA1 Sub
ZXA1 online catalogue

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Free covers also available with Dynacord AXM12A Monitor at participating stockists.

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