LOUD&CLEAR launch for Dynacord and Electro-Voice at InfoComm

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X2 awards

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Dynacord and Electro-Voice launch “Loud&Clear” campaign at major
AV trade show with exclusive previews of new products.

What is Loud&Clear?

Loud&Clear is all about offering a complete portfolio of audio solutions from the combined engineering expertise across both brands. Customers around the world can expect more product choices with a more clearly defined view of Dynacord and Electro-Voice’s respective brand and product relationship. This means new, best-in-class software, a complete new range of electronics, and an enhanced loudspeaker portfolio.

While Dynacord will concentrate more on electronics and software and Electro-Voice will mainly focus on loudspeakers and microphones, the existing product lines are not disappearing. In regions where it is currently sold, such as Australia, the current Dynacord portfolio of loudspeakers, mixers, and public address systems will continue to be offered. In regions where the Dynacord brand is new to the market, such as the Americas, we will focus on marketing the brand’s electronics and software.

New Products

New products from Dynacord and Electro-Voice were introduced and previewed at the InfoComm 2017 trade show. This is just the beginning of the Loud&Clear campaign, with more products coming soon.


Dynacord L Series and C Series FIR-Drive power amplifiers were unveiled for live music and installed applications. The amplifiers have already made an impression on the industry and won Sound and Video Contractor’s Best of Show award at InfoComm 2017. See the L Series and C series video to see why they stand out from the crowd.

The L Series & C Series amps are just the beginning. 2018 will see the next wave of exciting product introductions, with the flagship launch of the most powerful amplifiers the industry has ever seen for large-scale installation and touring. That’s a great way to celebrate Dynacord’s 70th anniversary – thanks to our current and future customers!


In addition to the X-Line Advance X12F-125F flying subwoofer, Electro-Voice has unveiled a number of installation products. The renowned EVID commercial speaker family has expanded with the EVID-S series, providing three surface-mount speakers (4”, 5”, and 8”) and two subs (2 x 10” and 1 x 12”). Designed with the contractor in mind, the innovative new SmartMount-System makes installation quicker and easier than ever. The speakers are compact and cost-effective with no compromises in sound quality. They are suitable for the widest range of commercial sound and fixed installations. The EVID-S is another Sound and Video Contractor Best of Show InfoComm 2017 award winner.

The professional installation product range will be boosted by the new EVC series, which features 10 models. EVC represents a more compact and cost-effective addition to the EV-Innovation family. EVC provides innovative technology such as patented Automatic Saturation Compensation that preserves low-end in 70/100V systems and protects system electronics from unstable loads. The first phase of the EVC product series consists of three 2-way models, each offered in two colors, two levels of weatherization, and two coverage patterns. The 8”, 12”, and 15” full-range cabinets can all be matched to the single 18” subwoofer. In addition, a new 12” Variable-Intensity model, which replaces all three current EVI models, will be incorporated in the EVC series. The EVC series has been engineered to acoustically match and aesthetically complement the existing EV-Innovation products.

New best-in-class Electro-Voice portable loudspeaker families are also coming soon, to further expand the most powerful family in powered portable sound. Stay tuned for more news in the upcoming months.

Happy anniversaries

This year coincides with Dynacord’s 70th anniversary and EV’s 90th anniversary. Both brands have presence around the world and have been responsible for big milestones in audio equipment history. Watch the Dynacord brand video and Electro-Voice brand video highlighting our achievements and giving insight into our DNA.

New brand language

Lastly, with the new direction come new brand styles. The new Dynacord and Electro-Voice brand languages are individual yet complementary to each other. We hope you enjoy our new Dynacord and EV digital and print communications, merchandising, and the new products coming soon to a dealer near you.