TS Vertical Array Series from Dynacord
For Connoisseurs of Premium Sound

X2 awards

The TS Vertical Array series satisfy the highest standards of acoustic performance and reliability. Their exemplary production quality is synonymous with goods 'Made in Germany'.

Ideal for both installation and live performance applications, the TS Vertical Array family delivers on acoustic performance even in the most demanding environments. With high SPL levels (max SPL of up to 131 dB), great dispersion and throw characteristics, as well as smooth yet crisp voicing, the resulting sound is very pleasing indeed.

Three TS full range cabinet models are available in black or white. TS 100 features a 1 x 6” loudspeaker and 1” compression driver, with the TS 200 and 400 featuring 2 and 4 x 6” loudspeakers respectively, also with a 1” compression driver. For the low and medium frequencies the extremely low-distortion DND 6130-16 neodymium chassis is used. High frequency range is transduced by an EV DH3 into an HPT94 constant directivity horn that can be rotated with ease through 90 degrees for horizontal applications.

The cabinets offer attractive, yet very unobtrusive styling for deployment and installation in even the most elegant surroundings. Thanks to their aluminium housings, Vertical Array speakers are genuine lightweights, yet at the same time extremely robust.

Vertical Array speakers are eminently suitable for fixed installations in venues and spaces requiring high-quality intelligibility and sound. With the TS100 and 200 models being ideal for small to medium spaces such as boardrooms, corporate offices, restaurants and hotels to name a few, the TS 400 models extend perfectly into larger venues such as university lecture halls, churches, exhibition centres, transport hubs such as major railways stations, airports and similar.

The TS family are also very powerful for live performances in combination with the PSD and PSE subs, outperforming traditional speakers with similar power ratings.

The Dynacord TS family is available through Midwich Australia (1300 666 099) and Dynacord Stockists.