ZLX: #1 speaker in the world just got better

ZLX: #1 speaker in the world just got better

ZLX, the best-selling powered loudspeaker just got better. The new 12” and 15” powered models now include an improved DSP module with 3 additional sub options and user-defined settings memory. In addition to the existing subwoofer pre-sets of 80 HZ, 100 Hz, 120 Hz and ELX 118P, new pre-sets include 150 Hz, EKX 15SP and EKX 18SP.

Personally, we recommend the EKX 15SP for ZLX 12P and EKX 18SP for ZLX 15P.

The second change provides the option to save and recall 5 user-defined settings. If for example the speakers are used on a regular basis in a few different applications requiring different DSP settings, then instead of setting the DSP every time from scratch, a setting can be recalled in a matter of seconds.

The new ZLX powered speakers are available from the 1st of May 2016.


Please note that the new ZLX Powered models have a new model and part number:

ZLX-12P-AX order code F.01U.314.965)

ZLX1-5P-AX (order code F.01U.314.966)

The old models ZLX-12P-EU and ZLX-15P-EU are now end-of-life.