Australian Case Studies


In Australia Bosch Communications Systems supplies products from our global communciations brands: Bosch, Electrovoice, Dynacord, RTS and Telex. Download and read some selected examples of real-life case studies where these brands have been used locally.


Stadiums & Sports Arenas

Patersons Stadium - EV Innovation Loudspeakers

Blundstone Arena - EV Innovation Loudspeakers

Margaret Court Arena - EV Innovation Loudspeakers

Mildura Olympic Park Speedway - Bosch Line Array Loudspeakers

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St Virgil's - EV Innovation Loudspeakers, Netmax, Dynacord Loudspeakers

Abbotsleigh High School (Performing Arts Theatre) - EV Innovation, Netmax DSP, PLENA matrix, Telex headsets

Bethany Christian School (Performing Arts Centre) - EV Innovation Loudspeakers, Telex Wireless Headsets Systems, EVID Ceiling Speakers, PLENA matrix, Netmax, EV Wired & Wireless Microphones, EV Loudspeakers

NIDA (Theatre) - Dynacord Loudspeakers

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Infrastructure & Government

G20 World Leaders Meeting - Large scale conference systems and translation equipment

Melbourne Airport Duty Free - Netmax DSP, Dynacord Amplifiers, EVID Loudspeakers, Bosch Ceiling Speakers

Sydney Overseas Passenger Terminal - Praesideo PA/EVAC System, Bosch & EV Loudspeakers

Newcastle City Council Chambers - DCN Conference System, PTZ Domes, EVID Loudspeakers, PLENA amplifier

Willoughby Council - DCN Conference System, PLENA matrix

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Hospitality & Entertainment

Camfield Pub - EV EVID Loudspeakers, EKX Subwoofers, ZX Loudspeakers, CPS Amplifier, PLENA Amplifier

Beaumonde On The Point - ZX1 Loudspeaker, EVID Loudspeakers, EV Ceiling Mounted Subwoofers

Port Adelaide RSL - EV TX Loudspeakers, ELX Loudspeakers, EV Handheld Microphones, Dynacord DSP Amplifier

Sydney Manly Jazz Festival - EV X2 Advance Line Array

Sydney Hard Rock Cafe - PLENA matrix, EV Loudspeakers

The Basement Canberra - ETX Loudspeakers permanent installation for Live Performances

Mordeo Bistro and Bar - PLENA matrix, EVID Loudspeakers

Bathers Beach House - PLENA matrix, EV & EVID Loudspeakers

Club Marconi - Praesideo PA/EVAC System, EVID Loudspeakers

Macquarie Arms Hotel - PLENA matrix, LB2 wall & cabinet speakers, LBC ceiling speakers, EVID Loudspeakers

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Houses of Worship

Barden Ridge Reformed Church - EV ZLX Loudspeaker, EVC Loudspeaker, EKX Subwoofer, PolarChoice Microphones, Dynacord Amplifier

Sydney Central Presbyterian Church - EV Innovation Loudspeakers, ELX Loudspeakers, EV Amplifiers, PLENA matrix, EVID Ceiling Speakers, Choir Microphones

Adelaide Christian College - EV Innovation Loudspeakers, EV Amplifiers

C3 Church - EV Innovation Loudspeakers, ETX Loudspeakers, EV Amplifiers

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ASEAN - Bosch Microphones & Receivers

QANTAS Headquarters - Dynacord Promatrix, EV Amplifiers, Dynacord, Bosch & EV Speakers

Virgin Active Health Club - EV Innovation Speakers, EVID Speakers, Bosch Ceiling Speakers, Dynacord and EV Loudspeakers, Netmax, Dynacord and EV Amplifiers, EV RE2 Wireless Microphone Systems

Queensland Museum - Dynacord Promatrix, EVID Ceiling Speakers, Bosch Line Array Speakers, Netmax, EV Boundary Microphones, Bosch PLENA Amplifiers

Greenwood Plaza - PLENA matrix, Bosch Loudspeakers, EV Wireless Microphones

Australian Irish Dancing Championships - XLC Line Array, X-Subs, EV ZX3, ZLX, ETX and microphones

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