Bosch Product Applications


Highlighted Bosch products for the key verticals:

  • PRAESIDEO PA/EVAC for large and critical installations.

  • PAVIRO PA/EVAC system for small to medium installations.

  • A vast range of Ceiling, Column, Pendant and Wall Mounted Speakers with a great selection of specialised and high-performance speakers.

  • A number of 1-8 zone public address and background music applications, such as PLENA matrix and PLENA All-in-One.

  • For corporate and government discussion and conference needs, we supply a leading range of Conference Systems that have proven themselves on stages of all sizes: from a boardroom, through to a local council and all the way to G20 global leaders meetings.

Bosch Security Systems also supplies Intrusion Alarm Systems and IP Video Solutions. Larger installations such as stadiums often include a mixture of Bosch, Electro-Voice and Dynacord products.